A Personal Development Journey That Will Bring Your Life Into Alignment

Have you noticed that life is moving faster and getting busier with each day that passes?

  • There never seems to be enough time in a day to accomplish your To Do list.
  • Important activities and deadlines continue to be delayed or missed.
  • You feel like you are letting everyone down, both at work and in your personal life.
  • The list of priorities keeps growing, and your stress levels are increasing.
  • Making time for yourself is a distant dream, and your health is starting to suffer.
  • It seems as though you are working 24/7, with no relief in sight.

You Are Not Imaging Things!

We Are Always “On”.


Technology and social media are leading to longer work hours, less human interaction, and a feeling of always being “on”. We are constantly on call and on the move.

Downtime and being unplugged are luxuries that we struggle to achieve.

Feeling out of balance has become the new normal.



Now is the time to make significant and positive changes.

This is your moment to reconnect with YOU.

The My One Being program addresses these critical issues and more through a carefully curated series of individual lessons, group coaching programs, and events focused on learning and connections.

Join the Community and Start Your Path to Personal Growth and Alignment